M.C. Escher Graphic Magic: Selected Works  

Richard Hassell Strange Creatures: Complex Tessellations 

Ended 3rd December 2016

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gallery-view-1Located at Arndt Fine Art Gallery at Gillman Barracks, Singapore, this selling exhibition features selected original works by M.C. Escher and Richard Hassell side by side at Block 9. The exhibition will run until 3rd December.

Some more photos of the installation are here

M.C. Escher’s prints, printed by his own hand, will include some of his most famous works such as Day and Night, Concave and Convex, Print Gallery , as well as smaller more affordable vignettes and ex libris works. An original M.C.Escher drawing and watercolour will also be on show.

Richard Hassell is showing 25 tessellation works on paper and 8 large works on aluminium. The tessellations are based on complex aperiodic geometries such as fractals, and plane-filling curves. These geometries structure many elements and phenomena of the natural world.

Frog Star III

Richard Hassell, Frog Star III, 2016, UV Digital print on Dibond Aluminium panel cut to shape, 1.15m diameter (45″)

The “Strange Creatures” in the tessellations evolve from the rules of these fascinating geometric worlds. Many of the prints feature hand-applied gilding, a traditional skill in Java, made in collaboration with innovative Indonesian textile artist, Baron Manansang.  While the prints draw on Escher’s oeuvre, the designs also refer to South East Asian textiles, tribal art and the history of science and mathematics.

Arndt Fine Art

Gillman Barracks

Two of Richard’s works are showing in the exhibition  Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder, in Singapore’s ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands integrated Resort, which is on until February 2017.


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