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Installation in Jakarta in Alila SCBD Hotel

BBB Site photo 27

The installation at the Alila SCBD hotel in Jakarta is completed at long last. Comprising over 30 pieces of tessellated “kites”, the artwork transforms the bare walls and ceiling into a spatial textile.  The bird, butterfly and bat motifs are auspicious symbols in Asia, and are graphically inspired by traditional Batik, one of the beautiful heritage textile traditions of Indonesia.

Both wall and ceiling mounted, the artworks are made on a gold aluminium panel, which is supported off a plywood armature. The pieces range from 80cm to 400cm in size.

Based on a five-fold scaleable tiling developed by the artist, the motifs appear across the designs – each butterfly, bat or bird contains the other bats butterflies and birds, and each scale of the creature contains the other scales. This “one in many, many in one”, and “everything is in everything” is an interesting concept to the artist. The various elements are scaled within each creature by the golden ratio, and the different sized elements relate to each other in size by the golden ratio. This relationship means that even in a small butterfly, it contains some of the same sized elements as the large butterfly.

From a perception point of view, this is interesting in that from a distance or close up, the same information and detail is available.

Bats, Birds and Butterflies is an artwork that is designed as a system. It can be scaled up or scaled down,  both in number of pieces – from a single piece in a small room – to a huge installation using very large versions of the motifs.

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From 16th June to 14th July 2019, this exhibition in Taipei is at the Artland Gallery and Book shop. It features a selection of works from the Strange Creatures and Emergent Nets series, as well as a rug from the partnership with WOHAbeing and The Rug Maker.

The book shop will also have a selection of WOHA books, as well as the limited edition, collectable Strange Creatures: Complex Tessellations. This numbered and signed edition, Series II. It comprises 88 copies and includes a loose print Frog Star IV, which is also numbered and signed. You can see a detail of this print in the invitation picture above.

The artist will be giving a talk at the gallery on the 14th July, we hope to see you there!

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On Friday 26th October, 2018, at the TAIPEI 101 International Conference Center I was pleased to share my process and art projects with a lovely crowd. You can see the talk here:

Art Taipei Talk

The talk was in the form of a dialogue with Ivan Liu of Legacy Lab International, and I had a great time learning about his process of developing art around science. His exhibition is on at Gallery Sun in Taipei at the moment, do find out more about his fascinating practice and beautiful pieces.



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The new exhibition concept:

You can see the artworks here: Gallery Sun pieces


Emergent Nets: Optical Sutras is a series of artworks on paper and metal of geometric constructions. The title of the series and exhibition combines two concepts – Emergence, and Sutras.

In philosophy and systems theory, Emergence occurs when “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” meaning the whole has properties its parts do not have. These properties come about because of interactions among the parts. Emergence plays a central role in theories of integrative levels and of complex systems. For instance, the phenomenon of life as studied in biology is an emergent property of chemistry.

The Sanskrit word Sutra means “string or thread”. The root of the word is siv, that which sews and holds things together and is related to sūnā meaning “woven”. In literature, sūtra means a distilled collection of syllables and words, an aphorism, rule or direction, hanging together like threads with which the teachings of ritual, philosophy, grammar, or any field of knowledge can be woven.


These artworks similarly, are composed by following short geometric rules that weave together to create an optical effect, to make a “kasina” – a Buddhist term for a visual object of meditation. The result is a complex net, path or structure, which has emerged by following a series of rules or procedures, and which possess variable beautiful effects which are revealed only at particular distances from the work. The details appear to be important, but they exist only to embody the system. The closer you get, the less meaning there is, while the further away you stand, the easier it is to comprehend.

The Emergent Net series are not only perceptual artworks, exploring visual phenomena, they are also intended to inspire philosophical contemplation. The winding paths, hidden patterns, and ordered complexity prompt musings on the nature of the cosmos and our challenge to see it clearly.


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I will be having two events in Taipei this October, a solo exhibition with all new content at Sun Gallery, several pieces from the Strange Creatures series in Art Taipei, and a talk too.

Save the dates, and I hope to see you there

Emergent Nets: Optical Sutras
Gallery Sun
2018.10.27 Sat 六 – 11.17 Sat 六
VIP Opening 貴賓招待會 10.26 Fri 五 6pm
You can see the artworks here: Gallery Sun pieces
Strange Creatures
Gallery Sun 尚畫廊 L04 Art Taipei
Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
You can see the artworks here: Art Taipei pieces
Artist Talk 藝術家分享會 10.26 Fri 五 3-5pm
TAIPEI 101 International Conference Center
Registration required 名額有限,請先報名
+886 2 23257733
More details coming up once I have organized the logistics. Do check out my instagram page @richardhassellart for more updates too.
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Strange Creatures in Lisbon 01

My print Aquatic Amphibians is on display in Lisbon Portugal at the Museu d’Arte Popular.

More information here: 

Escher in Lisbon, through 27 May 2018

First time in Portugal! 200 works by eclectic and charismatic Dutch artist M. C. Escher. A graphic artist by trade, Escher’s works were used in advertisements and even album covers. Now is unique style if mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints hang in museums. Escher in Lisboa runs through 27 May 2018 at the Museu d Arte Popular.

Escher (1898-1972) found creativity and comfort in producing works featuring subjects and patterns of mathematical precision, as well as impossible objects, explorations of infinity, reflection, symmetry and perspective. The exhibition is divided into sections, making us different periods of vision over the artist’s career.

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