Installation in Jakarta in Alila SCBD Hotel

BBB Site photo 27

The installation at the Alila SCBD hotel in Jakarta is completed at long last. Comprising over 30 pieces of tessellated “kites”, the artwork transforms the bare walls and ceiling into a spatial textile.  The bird, butterfly and bat motifs are auspicious symbols in Asia, and are graphically inspired by traditional Batik, one of the beautiful heritage textile traditions of Indonesia.

Both wall and ceiling mounted, the artworks are made on a gold aluminium panel, which is supported off a plywood armature. The pieces range from 80cm to 400cm in size.

Based on a five-fold scaleable tiling developed by the artist, the motifs appear across the designs – each butterfly, bat or bird contains the other bats butterflies and birds, and each scale of the creature contains the other scales. This “one in many, many in one”, and “everything is in everything” is an interesting concept to the artist. The various elements are scaled within each creature by the golden ratio, and the different sized elements relate to each other in size by the golden ratio. This relationship means that even in a small butterfly, it contains some of the same sized elements as the large butterfly.

From a perception point of view, this is interesting in that from a distance or close up, the same information and detail is available.

Bats, Birds and Butterflies is an artwork that is designed as a system. It can be scaled up or scaled down,  both in number of pieces – from a single piece in a small room – to a huge installation using very large versions of the motifs.