talk-2Thanks to the ArtScience Museum for a fascinating afternoon on Saturday 24th September. It was intriguing for me to hear such divergent views of Escher from the speakers. Presenters were Federico Giudiceandrea , Curator of ‘Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder’, Dr Sai Kit Yeung, Assistant Professor of Vision, Graphics and Computational Design (VGD) Group in SUTD, Angela Liong, co-founder and Artistic Director of ARTS FISSION,   Maria Kozhevnikov, Associate Professor of Psychology at NUS, and I was very pleased to be included too!

I  found Maria’s presentation very enlightening. It showed how different people use one of two different visual processing systems in the brain, and the data she presented was fascinating, and to me, aligns very closely with the differing status afforded Escher by the world of fine arts, and the world of science. And as architects were one of the few professions that use both systems, explained why I enjoy Escher so much, and enjoy making tessellations.

The afternoon was expertly moderated by Honor Harger.

Angela will be presenting a dance inspired by Escher this Thursday 29th September.