Frog Star III

Big and small frogs are closely packed into a star formation. Based on the Kite and Dart version of the Penrose Tiling, the red-eyed frogs are coloured in gold, teal and green. The entire star is also rather is easy to see the five-lobed shape as having a head and four webbed feet. Whilst the print has 5-fold rotational symmetry, the colouring using 3 colours does not.

 Frog Star III is the aluminium version, a Dibond print on routed aluminium panel around 1.2m in diameter. It is based on Frog Star I, a print that was presented to Roger Penrose in 2007. He kindly said it was the best tessellation he had seen based on his tiling.

Frog Star II is a smaller version on paper, around 0.7m in diameter, using less tiles, and is contained within Frog Star III. It has hand-applied gilding.