This work will be installed in the ArtScience Museum in Singapore in the  M.C.Escher exhibition opening on 24th September 2016.

This work is about exponential scale. Each of the 9 fishes, on closer examination, is made from 841 smaller fish, with a total of 7,569 fish in the work. Furthermore, the arrangement of the 9 fish can be found within the small fish on the larger panels. So a third even larger scale of fish is implied..the 9 fish could be a small portion of a much larger fish 39 metres wide – and would be made from 707,281 small fish. And that fish might be part of a larger fish 1km across containing 600 million small fish.

This work is suitable for planetary scaled public art!

Total artwork size 434 cm wide by 387 cm high (each fish 165 cm wide by 1150 high) (approx 14.2 ft x 12.6 ft)

Detail of artwork:

Fish Scale Details 1

Detail of Fish Scales III


Fish Scales III Detail

Fish Scales III Detail